Saint Lucia Carnival

July, 14 2023 - July, 19 2023

St. Lucia Carnival is a world-famous event that takes place every year on the island of St. Lucia and attracts visitors from all over the world. Come celebrate and experience the fun and excitement of carnival, the St. Lucian way.

Starting from $2350 - per person

What's Included

Trip planning for you and your group along with everything you need to have a great time at the carnival

Hotel Booking

Choose from premium hotels that make your carnival experience even more memorable.

Premium Events

Get notified when tickets are availble for the parties of your choice.

Carnival Costume

Costume registration for the band of your choice

Premium add-ons

As a Carnival Info traveler, you get access to additional features that best suit your group’s needs and wants

Car Service

Transportation to all parties, airport pickup & dropoff included. For a stress free experience.

Beauty Professionals

Book a make-up artist for the carnival of your choice. Select from the best in the business.

Essentials Kit

Get trip notifications to help you prepare for your carnival experience.