Brazil Carnival

February, 28 2025 - March, 5 2025

Brazil Carnival is an internationally renowned festival that celebrates the country's rich culture, music, and dance. Held annually in the week leading up to Lent, the carnival attracts millions of locals and tourists alike to the streets of Brazil's major cities, particularly Rio de Janeiro and Salvador.

Starting from $12000 - per person

What's Included

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  • Hotel Booking

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  • Premium Events

    Get notified when tickets are availble for the parties of your choice.

  • Carnival Costume

    Costume registration for the band of your choice.

  • Car Service

    Transportation to all parties, airport pickup & dropoff included. For a stress free experience.

  • Beauty Professionals

    Book a make-up artist for the carnival of your choice. Select from the best in the business.

  • Essentials Kit

    Maximize your carnival experience & get the ultimate survival kit now.